Vapaa electric scooter is easy to carry and has good performance


The Vapaa patinete elektrikoaitxura dotorea eta tamaina txikia du. Metroa eta autobusa hartu arren ez da arazorik. Zure etxetik paseatzeko edo dibertitzera irteteko garraio tresna txiki ona da. Patinete elektrikoa eramateko erraza da eta errendimendu ona du.


Vapaa patinete elektrikoa has the advantages of anti-fission, anti-deformation, high-cold resistance and abrasion resistance. The aluminum alloy bracket and base are not easy to break, and there are frosted anti-skid pads on the bottom of the patinete elektrikoa. The skateboard is reliable and the motor generates electricity and moves forward. It does not need to use the foot to push and slide. It can do various fancy changes. With the waist twisting exercise, it is an entertainment and fitness activity that can enhance personal balance.

 patinete elektrikoa

Vapaapatinete elektrikoa is composed of frame, wheels, battery, brake system, lighting system, instrument panel and other parts. After being folded, it can be hand-held or put in the trunk of the car.


Vapaapatinete elektrikoaHiriko errepide orokorretan nahiko erraz gidatzen dira, eskalada errendimendu eta segurtasun handiarekin. Disko balaztak instalatuta daudepatinete elektrikoas have stable braking. The low center of gravity and light weight of patinete elektrikoas create a safe and convenient travel experience for users.


The operation mode of an Vapaa patinete elektrikoabaten antzekoa dapatinete elektrikoa. The riding speed is freely controlled, the control is convenient and comfortable, and the operation is easier to get started.